Commissions Terms of Service

Icy Paw Productions

By asking for a quote for a commission you are agreeing to this TOS/Disclaimer

Questions or comments, email
Anyone that places an order must be 18 or older.
Must have valid form of ID.

A minimum of 40% down payment is due up front, for partial costumes, full costumes, and heads before work is started. All else must be paid in full before work can begin, unless stated otherwise. Payments plans are acceptable, $100. minimum per payment. However work will not begin until the initial 40% down payment is paid. Partial suits, full suits, and heads must be paid off in full by completion.
The 40% deposit is non refundable, this is to secure your commission spot, and to be put towards purchasing supplies for your commission. If purchasing a premade partial suit or head, 40% is required up front, and the rest to be paid off within 3 months. If you back out of the purchase after the deposit is put down, the 40% is forfeit. Payments must be no less than $100. per transaction after the 40% is put down.
All items must be paid in full before they can be shipped. Shipping is calculated and paid upon completion of the product; it is not included in initial quote.
Quotes are only valid for the opening at that time. After this time period you must re-submit your information to be requoted during the next opening.
Please do not send any money until I have agreed upon the commission.
Reference sheets for your character are needed for heads, full suits, and partials costumes. References must be PG, or they will not be accepted. No copyrighted characters. Reference sheet must be flat colored, and have 2-3 different views (side, front, back) ensure all details are noted. Any markings that are questionable, or I deem suggestive/indecent will not be made.
Is there a deadline? This is something i need to know, without a deadline I will take my time on the project. If you give me a deadline and I deem it reasonable, I will accept it and do my best to retain it. No deadlines are guaranteed, however I will notify you beforehand if I am unable to meet your deadline.
I work in a non-smoking/carcinogenic environment. However I do own dogs, I also occasionally burn incense; if this is an issue please notify me as soon as possible.
I take no responsibility for your personal safety while wearing my art. Remember to stay hydrated, and have handlers nearby for your well-being. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

Shipping and tracking:

Tracking is placed upon all commissions. Every package is insured for the amount it was commissioned for, sans shipping.

Overseas shipping:

I do ship overseas, however international packages may be subjected to additional customs/duty fees/etc. The commissioner is responsible for paying possible customs/duty fees. All international orders must be paid through PayPal.

Changing a feature/design/character:

If you would like to change a feature on your order, please tell me ASAP before work begins. If I have already made any of the pieces that need to be redesigned, it will be at your expense, so make sure you know what it is you want before you order.
Changing the character's species/design/style during construction is unacceptable, as it would require an entirely new quote.

Creative freedom:

For partials, full suits, and heads only
For working on a budget:
Meaning you tell me the budget you would like to work with. When giving me the artist creative freedom on a commission, it means I can choose the animal/creature, design, and pick whatever colors/patterns/etc. So i choose everything, and you get a costume on your budget. Alternatively, you can give me a base idea, and i design the rest still on a budget.
Total Creative Freedom:
This means you want the entire costume to be designed by the artist, which i will come up with, then quote you on.

Canceling a commission:

If you cancel the commission, the 40% deposit is forfeit, as well as the time/work/purchased supplies I have put into the piece will not be refunded. I will choose whether to complete and alter the costume or not, and sell it for my own profit.
Keeping in contact is a must, if I am unable to get a hold of you after several attempts over a span of 2 months, any work and money put down is forfeit. Please notify me ASAP if you are going away, can't make a payment, some sort of emergency has occurred, or something is holding you up. I am fairly flexible when it comes to life throwing unexpected curve balls with my commissioners, but please let me know what’s going on so arrangements can be made between us.

Artist info:

Things I will do:

Toony critters

Artistic freedom commissions

Bodysuits, for previous customers that have partials or heads from me, for the costume I have made only.

I do take just pieces commissions! For example, if you want just a head, or just a tail, or both I can do that for you.

Work off of resin bases from other makers. This is my exception for moving jaws, see content below.

Work with materials given, please see Q&A for more info.

Here's an example reference with detailed notes showing what an acceptable character sheet should be.

Things I will not do:

Commissions that I will not agree to usually pertain to being over the PG rating, reference sheet is poorly done, reference sheet of a copyrighted character, or the character is deemed too complicated to be turned into a costume. I will follow any references that are given, however I will make the product in my artistic representation of the character's design.

Copyrighted material, anything that has been trademarked or copyrighted that does not belong to the commissioner.

Adult material of any sort, no exceptions.

This isn't entirely a won't, but I really prefer not making realistic styles, it's just not my forte.

Show work in progress for smaller orders, including everything but heads Full suits, and partials.

Will not be making moving jaws, until I find a more suitable way that works with my style.

Returning for repairs and upkeep:

When returning something for repairs please have the item(s) thoroughly cleaned. Anything I deem filthy will not be worked on, and will be returned at your expense, and/or washed at your expense.

I will only fix costumes that I have personally made. If someone else, such as another suit maker you hired, or yourself tried to alter anything on a costume I have made, I will not repair that costume/piece. I the artist take no responsibility for other suit maker’s work, or your own. If you need it altered, I will do so for a fee determined by the type of repair. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

I will fix any costume piece that I have made within the first 30 days of being received, free of charge, not including shipping and handling. This does not include instances similiar to "Oh I want this marking on the face to be a different color and shape" or "I don't want my character to be a cat anymore, can I change it?” Changing a feature after the costume is finished is rather difficult, so be sure you know what you want before you place an order.

If there are obvious signs of neglect, I as the artist have the right to charge whatever amount it will take to repair the costume piece. If I deem that the costume piece cannot be fixed do to neglect, I will return it at your expense.

Fur by any means should NEVER be put under heat! When washing your suit/pieces put them on the COLD/COLD setting. When drying the suit/pieces hang drying is best, with a few fans pointed at them. It helps to reverse the costume/pieces (when applicable) to dry the inside, then turn back out and dry the fur side, visa versa. You can use your dryer machine, but use it at your own risk, everyone's dryers dry differently some use heat even if its "air only" Don't forget to brush the furred pieces out while the costume is drying.

Common Questions, and Answers:

Q: Can I fit my glasses under the mask? 

A: Not at the moment. However I am still devising a way that will work with my style. 

Q: Can I ask for a quote? 

A:  Sure! They are only available during scheduled openings though, keep an eye out for those postings on my social media.
Q: I like your style, but I want my costume to look exactly like my reference sheet. Can you do that? 

A: While I would love to capture your costume exactly like your reference, I will follow any references that are given, however I will make the product in my artistic representation of the character's design.
Q: Will you show me progress pictures?
A: For partials, full costumes, and heads yes, for all else no. Work in progress or “WIPs” are strictly for the customer, not to be reposted or distributed unless I the artist give permission.
Q: I have something that needs to be repaired but you didn’t make it, can you still fix it?
A: Normally I don't do refurbishments, though I will take on smaller projects if the fix is reasonable. Be sure to send me pictures and details of the construction/structure of the piece, from there I can determine if I can help you with it.
Q: I have faux fur, or other parts that I want you to use for my costume; can I send them to you?
A: Depends on the quality of the pieces. If it is fabric related, I’ll need either a picture, where you got it, or a swatch to determine if it can be used. If it’s a resin base I’ll need to know who the maker is, and if base has any fault. For pieces such as noses, claws, eyes, and the like, a clear picture of them and some measurements will determine if they will work for the project.
Q: Is that real fur you use? Will you use real fur for costumes if I send it to you?
A: No. Real fur dry rots over time, and does not wash well, its also unethical.
Q: Where do you get your faux fur?
A: CR Craft's, Distinctive Fabric, Jo Ann's, other costume makers,, and other fabric sites.
Q: I plan to resell somthing you made, is that ok?
A: Absolutely ok! If you altered the piece, or did any alterations, mention so to the buyer/auction/etc.

Q: Can I have/use/or will you sell to me your patterns? Where do you get your patterns?
A: Sorry but no, I hand draft all of my patterns. I do not give my patterns out, nor do I sell them.
Q: Can you teach me or give me tips on how to make costumes?
A: While I would like to help, I cannot. There are however many crafting websites out there that can help guide you with your project.

Base Estimate Prices in USD: Do not include shipping:

Head: $800.

Partial Suit: $2,000. (Head, tail, hand paws, standard feet paws, arm sleeves, leg sleeves)

Full suit: $3000.

Bodysuit: $900. (Must have matching partial/head from me)

Arm Wings: $400.

Tails: $50.

Hands: (starting at $80 for flat paws)

Feet paws: $250.

Ears on a headband: $50.

Paw warmers: $45.

Key Paws: $5.

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I'll be reposting this often until im sure everyone gets the message. :P 
This has been a long time thing i have been thinking about, and i've finally have decided, come the end of this year i will no longer accept FULL SUIT commissions. I never get commissioned for them anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal. I will still be taking commissions for everything else, just no body suits. So December 31st 2012 will be the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY i will offer body suits as a commissioned piece. 
I have a lot i want to get done this year and next, making personal suits, and premade suits, as well as try my hand at more resin heads. The corgi suit im working on is looking pretty good, cleaned up some of the fur edges, still needs a good bit of work though, once it is finished it'll be up for sale. 
Tentative list for the next year or so
Owl-I made 2 of these!
Jolteon V3
Nevask V2 
Lucifer V1
New toony paws
Finish digi feet
New ear style for headbands- ever changing!
New soft claw design
Cool dog


I am in desperate need of space, my room is covered in things i dont want/need anymore. So im putting some of the stuff i found up for sale.

Pay pal preferred, but i will take cash if necessary. Payable to

Shipping not included

Neko ears bought from Lion of the sun $6.00:

Gold and sliver stretchy scaly belt $2.00:

Tigger car antenna topper $2.00:

Inuyasha $5.00, Sesshomaru $5.00, and Inuyasha keychain $2.00:

Masquerade mask (1) $5.00:

Masquerade mask (2) $5.00:

Masquerade mask (3) $5.00:

Funky cowboy hat $8.00:

Cowboy hat (size 7 1/8 )$10.00:

Red hand bag $3.00:

Funky glass light $6.00:

Eagles christmas ornament lights up $3.00:

18x24 Raritan drawing pad $10.00:

18x24 Newsprint pad $10.00:

11x14 Pastel pad 6.00:

8 1/2x11 Bienfang drawing pad $6.00:

New un-opend art erasers $2.00:

Dolphin paint by color $2.00:

Never used/played Legend of Zelda "Crossbow Training" AND controller for it $10.00:

Legend of Zelda OcT+Master Quest $5.00, Naruto Clash of Ninja $5.00, Naruto Clash Of Ninja 2 $5.00:

Dark Hunger manga $3.00:

Death Note Vol 1 manga $3.00:

Trigun Maximum Vol. 1-5 ($20.00 for the set):

3 Wolf incense burner with incense oil $10.00:

New, mans wallet $3.00:

ipod portable player $10.00:

New, women's' wallet $3.00:

Samurai sandals never worn (except for this photo) MENS SIZE 8 ($5.00):

Funky red vase made by me $10.00:

Music pin (M16 bullet cartridge for size comparison) $1.00:

2 Cats on a swing (made with real rabbit fur) $3.00:

UV reactive peace candle $4.00:

Keyboard (only used for 2 months as a place holder until i got a new mac one) $5.00:

Assorted figures 1 (ask for price):

Assorted figures 2 (ask for price):

Glass bead necklace made by me (1) $8.00:

Glass bead necklace made by me (2) $8.00:

Glass bead necklace made by me (3) $8.00:

Glass bead necklace made by me (4) $6.00:

Glass bead necklace made by me (5) $8.00:
nom nom nom

College tuition= Sale time!

I need to make $2000 by August!  Don't forget that i take custom commissions for these items as well!

I'll be adding the bandanas later once i get better photos of them, and make a few more. I'm also think of adding a few more things as well so check back later too!

Shipping not included
Payable to buffy227angel(at)comcast(dot)net
Or via snail mail, note me if via snail mail. :)

I have many of these key paws: $2.00

 Pink paw warmers, this is one pair in different lighting. $20.00
Red fox warmers: $20.00

I have 2 sets of fox ears: $ 15.00 per pair

2 sets of faun ears: $10.00 per pair

Steely blue ears: $15.00

Floppy dog ears: $10.00

Fox tail: $25.00

White tail: $15.00

Any Oversized Fursuit Bandana: $10.00 per bandana 


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Preview paw warmers

 Just cut out some pink paw warmers, they will be for sale once I make a few more in other colors. So expect a batch of these to be up this month or so. Next time you see these they will be completed with several others. :) I will not be taking commissions for these until late November. 

Cool dog

Tail and ear set

 I finished up the tail and ear set, still working on the paw warmers. I have everything cut out for the warmers just need to assemble them. :)
Wasn't really able to get a nice shot of the tail before it was sent off,  still I am really happy with how it came out.  :)

Cool dog

Work status

 Currently working on a wolf/werewolf tail and ear set. Tail is cut out and being sewn together should have it done tonight. The ears haven't been started yet, should have those started/finished on Wednesday, to be shipped on Friday.

Also working on a trade, im making "paw warmers" those are half way done, should have them done no later than next Monday. 

Pictures soon enough for both.  :)

Cool dog

Back from AC

I had a blast at AC, between Captain Jack finding people to sing happy birthday to me, and suiting all over it was a ton of fun! I will have pictures up in the next few days. Also i am taking commissions, prices and such will be posted soon as well.